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Fun and good! ;D

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3.62 / 5.00 (+ 0.0097)

I really enjoyed watching this movie, I liked every single part of it, it's funny and well animated, good job!


The good old Marky style, lovely, childish and still great and artistic. It's really similar to the style of MorrowDays but it does has something special in it, something only the really MarkyLyne can make, ILUVIT! :D I've also noticed that you're really good in animating expressions and feelings, the way you make your characters look is just awesome!

Sounds and voice acting:

Great! The voice actor really did a great job, congrats to FatKidWitAJetPak! I also like the sound effects, they made this flash even better. (:


Haha, really funny! :D I really had to laugh some times, specially when the boy said, "oh hey, mom...". Funny and simple, good job!



This is a really great submission, from the small preloader game to the animation itself! I really think this is very underrated, a 3.62 is too less for such a great animation/flash like this. (:

So, keep up the good work and good luck in further projects,


PS: You're still working on your "Oasis - Wonderwall" submission? :D

MarkyLyne responds:

Wow thanks man, most reviews i get is " That was funny... T_T "
Yeah, im not sure about wonderwall, its getting abit hard to finish ect but im working on another movie with a completely different style which should be out in about a month ?

Thanks for reviewing anyway ^_^

"Oh my gorsh"

Haha, this submission is just great, from the beginning to the end.

The graphics were really great, it had something serious but also something childish. You made it really look like real art with some very nice effect. The animation was also really smooth, good job with that, I've always preferred FBF animation and this is really great FBF work!
so that's a 10/10 for style and animation!

The voice actors also did a very great job, the way "Timmy' says "Oh my gorsh" is just so freakin' great. :D The background music is also good and you used some very good sound effects. (:
10/10 for voice acting (good job voicegirl!) and sound effects!

And last but not least, the concept!
Great thing, the way you made something look so happy still scary. (: It's a sort of thriller but then in christmas style. I really liked it, it scared me (a little) at the end and it did made me laugh at the beginning so that's really great! :D It's maybe a little bit short but that's also a good thing, if it was too long it wouldn't be that funny or scary anymore! :3
10/10 for the main idea! :D

So that's all I guess, you maybe made this animation quick ("Christmas quickie for 08) but it's still so great, everything is worked out very well, there are so much great and funny details in your animation, well done! :D

Good luck in further projects,



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2.99 / 5.00 (+ 0.033)

First of all, I really think this is underrated, not even a score of 3.00?

Anyway, the review:

I think that those Eporaptor spoofs are kind of getting to get boring because most of them are crap OR very good. (: This one is something in between. The graphics are really great, it's almost as good as Egoraptor himself. Also, 'awesome" lip syncing!

I also don't think the audio quality is that poor, I kind of liked it. Of Course, you're not such a good voice actor as Egoraptor (oh sorry, I mean Edd. (: oh no, Eric.) himself but yea, he's still the greatest. :D

So graphics are good and audio is good... What do we need more? :D
A concept of course,
an idea,
something special!
That's what I missed here. Ok, it's funny, the fact that you're making an "Awesome" movie about Eric such as Eric makes "Awesome" movies about games but still, I think it does miss something, something special. (: You have some great talent so with a good story or a good idea you could make great things!

Also, do you know Egoraptor in person because you're talking about his real name (Eric, lol) and the big ass of his girl friend! xp

That's all I guess,
good luck in further projects and:
*recommending for "Awesome" collection*


Simply GREAT! :D

First, this is my review for the collab BEFORE it was resubmitted, I saved it and that's why the "Current Score" isn't the current one. (:

Also, I've read the response of PaperBat and why he wanted to re-submit this flash and it was a very good reason but damn, what a bad thing.
Because of the resubmission you lost your high score and daily 4th.

Look PaperBat, you did a great job with this collab, really but next time be happy what you have, daily 4th isn't that bad at all! Look at the "One Big Morphing Orgasm" collab, they also only got a daily 4th but it still was a big success!

No blame for you PaperBat but if you really wanted to resubmit this collab you should have wait until the shape flashes were of the front page 'cause now you also lost a big chance of getting front page...

I think this is a waste of such a great and good collab. This deserves more than only 1,130 views!


Back to the review:

Current Score
3.93 / 5.00 (+ 0.022)

It's always fun to see score's rise like this by only voting on it! :D Anyway, let's got to the review now:

I prefer to review Collabs on the way they are made, from the "Menu" to the "Animation" and every little details with it like the preloader and the author bios! :D

So first, the menu:

I start with the preloader, at the beginning it looked really noobish, I thought this was going to another silly dumb collab but when it was finally loaded (9,8 MB, nice job! :D) it turned out to be really great :D
After that, the logo, it was so wonderful ö It looks so real and official, you did a great job with that, congrats to SecondStamp!
Then, the intros, nice 'Newgrounds' intro, I've never seen that one before. (:
After that, the menu, great, wonderful sounds effects, great music and the changing BG, just awesome! :D Everything is worked out to the little details, from the scene selection (nice job, I liked it!) to the authors bios! :D I think it's the first time I've seen such a well worked out menu, great job! :D

Now, the real important thing, the animation itself:

The concept is great, making animations about different Mario Suits, GREAT! :D Every suit made me laugh, it's also awesome that you made a pixel version of almost every one. (:

About the animations itself I'm going to be clear, they are good but not the best. (: They are REALLY funny and did made me laugh but I really liked the FPF animations more than the retro sprite ones. Anyway, everyone has his different taste I guess. Still, you guys did a great job, actually, I loved almost EVERY part of it, great word! :D


Great collab, not much to improve, every little detail is worked out very well, every part has his own humor and animation style, you guys sure did a great job.

Collabs like these are really important for a site like Newgrounds, they show how the Newgrounds people have a sort of friendship to make things like these together! :D Again, great great job, I LOVED IT! :3


And last but not least, I also loved the submission icon, it's maybe a stupid detail but in some way it's kind of important.

Anyway, I guess this is the review, I hope you liked it and learned something from it. :D (Not that there is that much to improve, this collab is almost perfect! ö)
*Recommending for Mario and NG Collab collection!*


PS: If you read this, please let me know by responding or sending a pm, thanks. :3

Like Egoraptor would say it: "Awesome!"

I watched all the Blockhead movies but specially for THIS one I felt to write a detailed review. Even that every time I write a review for such a great and popular movie I have the feeling nobody even read it OR even gives a shit but anyway, let's start with the review:


It looks very similar to the other Blockhead episodes but I really like that style. Blockhead himself looks really simple, but that's the way he is. And if you look very close to the other characters and the backgrounds it gives a very funny contrast. Simple Blockhead in the large detailed world.


First of all, wonderful voice acting! :D The way everyone talks and the emotions, it's just great. I don't think it's even possible to improve anything about the sounds, from music to voice acting, great job!


Great and smooth style. I like the fact that a lot of it is FBF and the way you animate emotions and faces is just great! It makes me really happy to see that there are still such a great artist on Newgrounds who put time in their animations to make every emotion look perfect.


Nice story BUT (this is also the reason why I didn't give you the full 10 stars), this is already the 11th episode and I'm getting the feeling that it's getting more and more of the same. Every single episode made me laugh with his random humor and original things but maybe, if you make another episode you should try something else, still Blockhead but doing other things, not only running around, breaking thinks and scaring people with his funny talk.

I know it isn't really easy to do that, I also can't think of something new myself but try to send him for a holiday or something, make him have a great adventure in the Tropical Woods from South America, something like that! :D


Great movie, great episode,
great artist!

Blockhead always makes me laugh, even when I'm sad, you don't only make a better place from Newgrounds with your animations but also (just a small bit but still.) a better place from the world! It maybe sounds ridiculous because your animations are just silly random stuff but making people laugh with great animations like this can change people a little bit inside. (:


PS: If you read this, please let me know by responding or sending a PM, that would be really "awesome". :D


I give this movie a 10 without any doubt, best animation I've ever seen, doesn't even comes close to most of the other animations on Newgrounds.

The best thing about this movie is that you can see someone DID put effort in it. I guess you've used more programmes then only Flash what's a good thing. Most of the people here don't know how to combine two programmes (like a 3D programme and Flash).
The combinations of your effects, tracing, 3D graphics, smoothness, crazy Flash FBF animation, awesome sound effects and voice acting makes this movie awesome.

BUT, you can't just make a good Flash animation with only good skills and FBF animation. One of the most important things of a flash is to have a good story, with moral, something that makes people think!
The story line of this movie is just so crazy. It's not really extreme original cause' it reminds me a lot of films like "I am legend" but still, the way you show how the world could change in 8 years time makes me feel crazy and weird.

The story line and how you work every little detail out makes this movie even better. And then, that one message "World war 3 begins". Wow!

I also like the way you draw girls, wow, hot. ö I know it sounds kind of stupid to say that about a movie like this but really, it isn't easy to draw girls like that.

I just can't say this movie is perfect, nothing bad to say about it, the best movie I've ever seen.

I'm not going to review Pt1, Pt2 and Pt3 cause' they look kind of the same but really, keep up the good work and I'm really looking forward to Ep. 2, if there will come one.

For short:

Good story, good graphics, PERFECT.

Keep up the good work and remember, people like you make Newgrounds a better site!


Simply great!

I don't really like to give 10 stars cause' 10 stars are for the really BEST animations but, for this animation I'll make an exception.

It wasn't the best, but it sure was great! Awesome FBF animation, awesome art and graphics, awesome smoothness and awesome sounds! This animation really looked perfect to me.
I also like your use of the V-cam (I guess it was v-cam cause' it's like unbelievable hard to do it with motion tweening.) and the way you gave everything a very "Halloweenie" aura. The music also fits perfect with the animation.

Some other things I've seen:
Since your participation in the Pirate Collab you've really grown a lot, your flash skills and experience are much better (and they already were great :D) and I'm really sure that you'll be a VERY great animator in the future. (:

I'm really looking forward to your next submission Noxx11.<3


ps: this movie is TOTALY underrated!

Noxx11 responds:

Thanks so much! I think that The Pirate Collab was definitely a learning experience - I learned so much about animation during its creation (FBF Special FX especially, which I now use all the time). It was a VCam for two shots (the demon's entrance and the demon flying) but the rest (zooming in from her window, ect, was other tweens. Thanks for the ten, and for being awesome! :D

Needs improvement!

It's a funny movie and the beginning really made me laugh but this movie does need a lot of improvement!

First of all, voice acting. There are a lot of good voice actors here on Newgrounds, try and find someone who can do it better! (:

Second, graphics! That's right, the graphics. They just aren't good. The characters looked funny and the BG is good but please, make everything move a little bit more so it doesn't get boring that fast!

Also, lip syncing, sometimes I just didn't see who of the 2 guys were talking. x] If you ad lip syncing this movie would have been A LOT better. :3

3th, story line.
Just AWESOME! ;D I love the story line, I really had to laugh a few times so good job with that. :3

Good luck in further projects.<3


AwkwardSomething responds:

I refuse to just purchase voice actors like the cliche' of every other movie on Newgrounds. Part of the charm of this movie for me is that I do it all myself.

I hear simultaneously that the graphics are good and bad. I will maybe make some more animation in later episodes, but I think overall the graphical style will remain the same. That's also part of why I like this.

The storyline is completely ad libitum.

Below average collab!

I was one of the first to see that this collab was started, on the same day that I wanted to start the collab with the same idea and I watched the thread a few time and I've seen a lot of bad stuff and some good.

First of all, I really loved the preloader game, it was 1 of the only good things about the whole collab and you deleted it D:

The menu:

Average, nothing really special, not really great graphics but nice tune. The bios had something original in it but was kind of boring and not really interesting.
You really had to put the preloader game in it somewhere!

The animation:

The music at the beginning is horrible, it isn't even a loop! Most of the parts really rucked and I didn't really enjoy watching this collab, it wasn't funny and it was really boring after a while. There are even some parts that are only a sketch. ö
There was also a scene with some dancing characters, it hadn't even music in it. ö And after a lot of boring stuff, finally, Honto, that was just one AMAZING part, it did need some sounds but I really liked it. After that, some other stupid animations that aren't funny and are really boring. And after that, another nice animation, the ninja that jumps over houses and got hit by a plain, that one was funny! ;D

So for short, a lot of horrible parts and... only 2 good parts! Next time you make a collab, only accept good parts so you can make a small but decent collab and try to compile it better, it just sucked.

So now you probably think, why does he give me a 4? Because it's a collab, I know how hard it is to make collabs so I do have a lot of respect for you but you just need to learn some more things so your next collab will be much better than this one! :3

I also think the idea is stolen from the Pirate Collab but that hasn't anything to do with the animation and stuff. (: I do wish you good luck in further projects!<3


Superawesomeness responds:

Its called inspiration, not stealing.

Not bad, far from good.

Well, this collab isn't really bad but it isn't good either.

First of all, what was the main idea? Different eggs who keep falling or something? Well, you could have done so much more with this idea, not just 5 stupid different eggs who are falling in a motion tween, everyone can do that! ;D

Second, you said in the Author Comments "It took us almost 2 weeks to finish this but it totally worth all the time".
2 weeks? That's nothing! Some collabs take months or even years to complete, like 'the Anime Collab', this collab took 9 full months to complete, that like 10 times more than this collab! So next time you make a collab, don't try to finish it as fast as you can but give it time. (:

3th, yea, finally, a good thing. The Easter egg! ;D It was kind of cool, it's just an average mini game but it was fun, for 2 min. (: (My top score was 25, woohoo xD)

Anyway, to keep it short, this collab could have been A LOT better, all parts where just made in one day and I didn't see any effort, try better next time. :3

Good luck in further projects,


Argentin responds:

Finally a nice review
NG needs more people like you
Well I always hurry things because i don't have patience for anything
And besides this was my first collab so it's normal to make some mistakes
Well i hope that my second collab will be better

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