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Not good.

Nope, I'm sorry but this collab just isn't good.

Here are some reasons and ways to improve it:

To ScrewedComedy, I can see you just wanted to finish and submit this collab as fast as you can, there are not much members and not much great parts (only 2! D: ). You didn't even took time to make a good preloader...

ScrewedComedy, when you make a collab, you work together with other people so if you screw it up, you also screw it up for those other people.

Some suggestions:

if you make a collab, don't just accept everyone who wants to join, there are a lot of crappy animators in the flash forum so only accept the ones that are average or good. (:

Also, to get some great animators you could PM people who joined other collabs, this gives you a bigger chance of getting better people in your collab.

And last, give your collab SOME TIME! :D


Anyway, why don't I like this submission?

I always hated those stupid 'Cliff' animations but I thought this collab could have been cool but not, this collab is just some of those hateful animations together. D:
Too much stickmans, too much madness, too much crappy animations.


But, there are SOME good parts, 2 actually. :3

I likes 1 of your parts ScrewedComedy, you have a good and funny stickman style and I liked the part of Tommy, it was too short but good. :D

So you, I didn't really enjoyed this collab but if you make another one in future, keep my suggestions in mind. :)


ScrewedComedy responds:


One of the best collabs ever. :3

Good work Morrow, you made a great collab about this great idea! (: I think all the parts were awesome, great effects, great animation and great style! :3

The preloader game was kind of hard, my top score was something like 2500. xD Maybe you could make him jump higher?
The menu was awesome, there was even a cardboard SKATER! :D Awesome job Morrow.

All the parts were overall pretty great, everyone did a greate job AND congrats to the daily 2nd. :3

*Recommendng for NG Collab Collection and praying for front page<3*



MorrowDays responds:

woot woot! thanks bertn! ya! we made front page AND NG collabs!

glad you liked it! ARRRRRR!

Awesome Collab. :3

Well, I acutaly love ALL collabs but I really liked this one. :3 The idea wasn't that great but I enjoyed playing the little game and had a laugh with some of the animations.

The intro was very awesome, I loved the FBF work, good job. :3 I also liked the menu, the graphics are good.

Top 3 favorite parts:

#1 The part with the singing Chickens by you, TheBoogley
#2 The paért by Tommy
#3 The part by Morrowdays cuz it's smooth and I just love his style. :3

So for short, awesome collab, even if some part made it boring sometimes. :) Keep up the good collabs Neil Sanders, you're awesome! :D


Pretty funny. :3

I liked it, it was really funny and I like the MK sprites.

Some of the movements could have been smoother but still, good job. I also like how you made it a never ending story.

So yea, not much to say about I think, good job and keep it up! :3


Good animation, bad graphics.

I liked the animation but why are the graphics so bad? The animation is smooth, the story is good but why didn't you make the graphics 100%?

Anyway, very good movie and the ROAR was cute and dangerous! :D I also liked the effects you used and how you drew the animals, good job.

Nice animation and keep it up!


The never ending story. :3

Good animation, nice FBF skills and funny concept. I liked the robot even if it looks basic and I liked how you made this movie in a never ending story. :3 I guess you did it with AS. (;

Anyway, good job, you're a nice animator.

Keep it up! :D


PS: the dog who ate the other dog was funny ^_^

Good animation style. :3

I liked this animation, even if your style looks a lot like the one of Adam Philips. Still really good, good graphics, smooth animation and funny music.

I also liked the story line and how you made it, good job with that. Also some good effects. Maybe make a second one but make everything look perfect. :3

So for short, great job, keep it up! :D


Pure awesomeness. :3

One of the best collabs EVER, I really enjoyed watching it and this is also the reason why I joined the SFC so. :3

Well, like I did with the Pico Day Skate Collab I'm going to review every part separate so, let's get started:

The menu+intro:

Awesome menu, just a nice clean style with everything you need, good job with that. The intro is also very nice, just some random shit. :D (Also, the Easter Egg is in the skater at the menu, CLICK IT NOW :3)


Nice part, good tricks, good graphics but yea, maybe a little bit too much sound effects. But still good job in the original Marcy style with nice effects, GOOD JOB!


The same old school Cronic style like I know it :D Good music, nice realistic tricks and awesome BG's! :3 Also good sound effects. :)


One of my favorites! :D Really awesome and good. Smooth animation, good animation and even humor :3 Very nice animation, keep it up Jestar! :3


The awesome MC motiontween style of Lochie, awesome! :D Realistic, good sound effects, just the best. I freakin' love Lochies style. :3


Also wonderful animation, nice BG, funny and and smooth animation. I really like the style of Mraw, it's so smoothie and good. Love it :)


Good FBF animation, funny and smooth. Not much to say about, really good. :3


Really funny, maybe not realistic but good animation. Very good outro for this wonderful animation. :3 Also funny song, I like it. :) But how can he skate faster than a car? xD Also good end, I liked it. :D

The credits:

Awesome, good music, funny animation and smooth, really awesome! :3


So overall, very good Collab, keep it up guys and I'm looking forward to see the Skate Flash Collab 3! :3


cronic-22 responds:

thansk for teh breakdown we appreciate a nice clean review.

Pretty funny. :3

I liked it! :3 It was really funny and I really liked how the bread moves. The story line was also kind of good. I thought that on the message from the doctor there would be something like "You became toast" but then I saw the smile and the "cancer note" and I really had to laugh. :D

Also good job with this animation and keep it up Lochie. :)


PS: RIP bread.

Lochie responds:

The bread ollies when he walks.


Freakin' awesome lochie :') The song just fits perfect with your style of random animating. :3

And did I just see the pirate of the Pirate Preloader? Ö Anyway, good job, I really liked it, you're skills are the best. :3

Your MC motion twee animation is the best and even your FBF animation is good, ILUVYOU! x)


Lochie responds:

Yes, you did see Mr. PiratePreloader in there. :D

Thank you for saying my tweenage is the best. :D

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