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Very good animation! :D

I really like this animation cuz first of all, it's with pirates (I'm making a Pirate Collab, w00t xD) and second, the animation was very good and smooth and the graphics are almost perfect. :3

The song was a little bit boring but still funny. I really liked how you made the pirate sing.

Very good job and keep it up! :D


PS: Did you change the preloader? x)

Average. :)

This game could use a lot more effort and a lot of improvements.

First of all, the drawings and the graphics. :3 Everything looked a little bit noobish, please improve those.

Second, SOUND! The voice acting quality was pretty bad. You could search a professional voice actor at the BBS forum. :D

3th, the storyline wasn't really original or funny. Try to write a good and funny script and animate it then.

Anyway, it's not a bad start but you could make your animation a lot better. :3

Good luck and I hope I helped,


LoveShineHero responds:


Very nice! :D

Nice graphics, funny story and clocks, PERFECT :D

You also made good use of Speakonia, I like that. :3 I thinks this game is a little bit underrated cuz it's a clock movie. I think it's very awesome and funny and I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, keep it up ToadClock! :)


Nice funny FBF animation! :3

I enjoyed this little movie, it was funny and I liked the song!

"Ringringringringring BANANAPHONE! :D"

I like how you draw so sketchy but maybe you should try to make your graphics look perfect and do it fbf, that would be awesome. :D

The way the characters moves sometimes is just so freakin' funny, I also like that. :3

I liked how you used the white flash to go from part to part, good job! :)

So for short, a good overall video, keep it up!


Lol'd, short but good. :3

Nice animation, good effects, nice graphics and smooth animation. The sounds are also kind of good so good job.

About the animation, it's short but it's funny, maybe you could make some other stuff and make a big random movie about Pinata's. :3

So, good job and keep it up Noxx11! :D


Noxx11 responds:

Thanks for the review! That's a good idea, maybe I will do a longer one. :)

Not great animation but really funny. :3

Yea, the animation wasn't that perfect, but it was kind of funny. :D

For the animation, you could first of all make the graphics look 100% perfect. The effect of the wall was good but the walk of the stickman looks bad. You could make it look more realistic, practice that. :D

Also, practice your explosion, the movie would be a lot more awesome with a better explosion. :)

Anyway, the movie wasn't bad at all, it just could have been better. ;D


neon8100 responds:


Not the best, not bad.

Ok, this movie isn't bad but it could use a lot of improvements.

To start, better effects! You can search for Flash effects at Google or look at the Newground tutorials. Your effects really need to get better. :3

Second, make your animation smoother cuz now it really looks noobish. x)

3th, GRAPHICS! Please make them better. The characters look really bad and they also move stupid. The guns look really good btw, that's a really good job.

4th, the music was a little bit annoying but the sound effects are good. :3

5th, blood effects? The blood you made is just like some red lines, use some alpha or something to make it look more like real blood.

6th, improve the menu, don't make it just white with some text, do something with it! :D Add a BG or something but don't leave it just blank. :3

Overall, your flash skills could use a lot of improvement but it's a good start. Just keep practicing and I think you could be a good animator! ;D

Keep it up,


Phantox responds:

Thanks for the advice. I've went to the tutorial section but the tutorials there are not that good.

I know the animation is bad. =\ I'm still learning tho.

I don't know how to make good blood effects but I think I've improved since the first time

I was gonna do a better menu but I didn't know what to put on the background.

Anyways, thanks for the review.

I liked it! :3

The graphics are average but funny, the random story line is funny and it gave me a good laugh. The animation was also really smooth and funny. the main character looks a little bit nerdish but he's still ok. Also, like you said, the sounds is a bit off. :')

But for short, nice animation! :D And one last thing, chance the first part, cuz of that some people will think it's just a spam loop animation! :)

Good job and keep it up! :3


chibiyoshi responds:

I'd shoot myself before I make an ENTIRE caramelldansen flash >o> And hey! That main character is me! >:U! Proud nerd :3


Just awesome!

1st, the menu! It really rocked, I just love the Morrow style and the funny sound. :3
The sounds are really funny! ^_^

2nd, the intros. I know they are made by Night-Mare cuz I've read it in the thread and I really like them. There's only one bad thing about it, it really slows down the whole animation. It's skate, and skate has to be fast! :') But it's still really niice.

The Animations:


Awesome! Nice BG and wonderful FBF animation. I liked the tricks, I liked the effect at the beginning, I like the whole part! :D


Really good, I just love your style, it looks smooth and still funny. :3 Maybe a little bit too short but still good!


Maybe one of the parts I didn't liked that much. It isn't bad but except of the skate sounds there isn't much skate style. It still isn't bad. :3


Wonderful as always! The character was really cute (:3) and tricks where nice. I also liked the photograph effect you used! ^_^ Good job Tommy!

Night-Mare: (aka Lochie)

My favorite part for sure! :D It's just perfect, smooth and good. I really love it and Nene looks UBER cute! :') The tricks she did where just wonderful, nothing more to say about that I think. :3 Perfect job!


Really funny! The tankman is really good drawn and the tricks where funny. I liked the cockjoke at the end. x') Good job mraw! :3


Really good job, as always! It was really funny and smooth animated, nothing more to say about that I think! ;D


For short, yes, Pico Day needed some skateboarding! This movie is a little bit underrated but it really rocks, keep up the good work SFC! :)


*recommending for skate collection*

MorrowDays responds:

thanks Bertn! Yeah, my part was short, but only because I was busy organizing the rest of the collab! xD

I though everyone did a really good job too, I think Marcy's part was my favorite just because of how awesome Darnell looked, but I agree that lochies was totally smooth and realistic.

Thanks for the skate collab recommendation!


Crazy! :D

Really good animation, everything was very smooth, the FBF was just insane and I really like how you used the background. This is a very original skate animation and I really like it. The way you draw the trucks, the way the board crashes, everything is just perfect!

About the music, it's really great. Respect for your mate Howli, I really love it! It fits good with the animation.

I hope you got a high score for your exam cuz you really deserve it with such a great flash!


mraw responds:

Thanks bertn!
Yeah I thought that the music went well, I was considering using 'Pink shotglasses' instead cos its more dreamey but I liked this one better.
Im not sure I will get such a high grade as my title was 'abstract' and this is hardly abstract atall. Oh well, I had fun making this and am pleased with the result.

thanks for the review

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