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Fun and good! ;D

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3.62 / 5.00 (+ 0.0097)

I really enjoyed watching this movie, I liked every single part of it, it's funny and well animated, good job!


The good old Marky style, lovely, childish and still great and artistic. It's really similar to the style of MorrowDays but it does has something special in it, something only the really MarkyLyne can make, ILUVIT! :D I've also noticed that you're really good in animating expressions and feelings, the way you make your characters look is just awesome!

Sounds and voice acting:

Great! The voice actor really did a great job, congrats to FatKidWitAJetPak! I also like the sound effects, they made this flash even better. (:


Haha, really funny! :D I really had to laugh some times, specially when the boy said, "oh hey, mom...". Funny and simple, good job!



This is a really great submission, from the small preloader game to the animation itself! I really think this is very underrated, a 3.62 is too less for such a great animation/flash like this. (:

So, keep up the good work and good luck in further projects,


PS: You're still working on your "Oasis - Wonderwall" submission? :D

MarkyLyne responds:

Wow thanks man, most reviews i get is " That was funny... T_T "
Yeah, im not sure about wonderwall, its getting abit hard to finish ect but im working on another movie with a completely different style which should be out in about a month ?

Thanks for reviewing anyway ^_^

"Oh my gorsh"

Haha, this submission is just great, from the beginning to the end.

The graphics were really great, it had something serious but also something childish. You made it really look like real art with some very nice effect. The animation was also really smooth, good job with that, I've always preferred FBF animation and this is really great FBF work!
so that's a 10/10 for style and animation!

The voice actors also did a very great job, the way "Timmy' says "Oh my gorsh" is just so freakin' great. :D The background music is also good and you used some very good sound effects. (:
10/10 for voice acting (good job voicegirl!) and sound effects!

And last but not least, the concept!
Great thing, the way you made something look so happy still scary. (: It's a sort of thriller but then in christmas style. I really liked it, it scared me (a little) at the end and it did made me laugh at the beginning so that's really great! :D It's maybe a little bit short but that's also a good thing, if it was too long it wouldn't be that funny or scary anymore! :3
10/10 for the main idea! :D

So that's all I guess, you maybe made this animation quick ("Christmas quickie for 08) but it's still so great, everything is worked out very well, there are so much great and funny details in your animation, well done! :D

Good luck in further projects,



Current Score
2.99 / 5.00 (+ 0.033)

First of all, I really think this is underrated, not even a score of 3.00?

Anyway, the review:

I think that those Eporaptor spoofs are kind of getting to get boring because most of them are crap OR very good. (: This one is something in between. The graphics are really great, it's almost as good as Egoraptor himself. Also, 'awesome" lip syncing!

I also don't think the audio quality is that poor, I kind of liked it. Of Course, you're not such a good voice actor as Egoraptor (oh sorry, I mean Edd. (: oh no, Eric.) himself but yea, he's still the greatest. :D

So graphics are good and audio is good... What do we need more? :D
A concept of course,
an idea,
something special!
That's what I missed here. Ok, it's funny, the fact that you're making an "Awesome" movie about Eric such as Eric makes "Awesome" movies about games but still, I think it does miss something, something special. (: You have some great talent so with a good story or a good idea you could make great things!

Also, do you know Egoraptor in person because you're talking about his real name (Eric, lol) and the big ass of his girl friend! xp

That's all I guess,
good luck in further projects and:
*recommending for "Awesome" collection*


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Simple, great, adrenaline!

Read those 3 worth in the title, they say it all!

But, because a review of 3 lame words would be kind of dumb I'm going to give you some more details:

The main idea:

Wonderful, this is like an old school "Meteorite shooter" but you don't have to shoot yourself, you just need to use the bullets of the enemy! Simple but great, you're a genius! :3


Simply great! Very basic but that's what it has to be. It's a simple concept with simple graphics. This makes it even grater. I do like how you worked out so much details, like the splinters of the enemy units on the background and the explosions. Simple but great graphics, just as it has to be with games like these!


Haha, I just bought a new CD so I was playing that while playing this game and put off the sounds but, specially for this review I put off iTunes and played the sounds and I wasn't disappointed. Great sound effects and addicting music, it fits perfect with the game! Great choice, good job!


Great, addicting, great, wonderful, the best!
This is just crazy, the unit moves so smooth and good, it's really fun to play. But besides the good gameplay it's just all made so perfect, the units, the bullets, everything is worked out very good but still kepped simple and plain.

And besides all these great things there's another thing, ADRENALINE! Wow, flying between those bullets and those units, seeing that there's a green unit who's about to explode and while checking that trying to hit other enemies with bullets, wow, crazy and addictive!

This game has a great title, a great score, is addictive, is kept simple, it's almost perfect!

Keep up the good work and also, please listen good to this last advice and keep it deep inside your mind:

DON'T MAKE A sequel! You will ruin the whole idea, now it's good because it's simple but if you want to make a second one you'll have no choice but have to make it difficult and others so, please leave it with this, you did a great job but don't fuck it up by making a sequel. (:


Great graphics, a little bit boring after a while.

Current Score
3.95 / 5.00 (+ 0.0025)

Great game but after a while it really gets boring.

I love the graphics, great drawings and good quality. Most of it is motion tweening but you did it very good. Everything went smooth and I didn't found any lags, great job!

You also used some good sounds. I also liked the music, it fits perfect with the game, good choice with that!

The idea and the gameplay kind of disappointed me. You had some original things in it but most of it was kind of boring. The idea wasn't really original and it would have been a lot better if there was just some more action, not only waling, walking, walking, walking, click, walking walking walking, click.
That really gets boring after a while and I already was talking to Lumberjack but I just stopped playing 'cause I didn't felt like it anymore. (:

Still, you did a great job with this game, the graphics were awesome and the animation is really smooth. The action scripting is also really awesome, it maybe looks basic, clicking and cursor but everything is really well but together. (: Really great point 'n click game! :D


PS: I guess the reason why I thought this was kind of boring is because I never really liked "point 'n click" games at all.

Phantasmagor responds:

There wasn't much motion tweening at all actually. Lilg much prefers to do everything using frame by frame and occasionally uses motion tweening where appropriate.

We're glad you actually put some thought into your review and put some thought into scoring despite not enjoying the game. If you're not a point and click fan then obviously this isn't the game for you :P

Thanks for the review

Good idea, good scripting!

Very nice done,
when I saw the title posted by P-bot I thought, "like wtf, a preloader that won daily 5th" so I directly clicked the link to see what it is and yeah, it really is daily 5th worthy!

I like how you scripted everything and the fact that you even put the Newgrounds thank in the preloader, that makes it even greater. (:

I really hope game makers like ArmorGames will use this preloader 'cause it will make it much easier for the player.
They probably won't use the Newgrounds Preloader but could maybe make something with the same AS but their own logo.

The reason why only give this 8 stars and not a 9 or a 10 is because this is still only a preloader. It's very well done and you did a great job but a preloader stays a preloader, I'm sorry for that. (:

I would like to give a very big, detailed review but as it is just a preloader there's nothing much to say about it. ;p


PS: The graphics and the music at the end were good, lol. :3

jjwallace responds:

alright thanks, i was hoping to get review crew.. hahaha, no no just kid, i will put the new version up later maybe

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This is like a tekst with music on the background. Verry good done. I love your mucic/audio. This audio is realy punk and short. And punk have to be short. Wow! Verry good done. And food luke in future projects again.



This is more like scary gothic music then Ambient i think. Realy good for a movie with a big ware like Lord Of The Rings. It is realy butiful. Good luke in future projects.


The drums.

The drums are super! PiePie sayd that the drums ruined the song. I dont think so The drums make it better but the guitar is the best instrument of the song. But it is realy like Mega Man. Mabe you mustsend it to the makers of Mega Man. For me you are one of the best Audio/Music makers from NG! Good luke in future projects!


DarKsidE555 responds:

Thanks, but PiePie is right, somehow I gave the snair way to much reverb, so for that she sounds "unreal". Yeah, would be cool if Inafune could listen to some of my tunes, that would be an honor for sure. :D

And thanks for the heavy compliments there man, much appreciated!

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