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Posted by Bertn - January 14th, 2009

Yeah, just a random post because I'm bored. (:

Maybe I could put here what I'm doing right now for Newgrounds...

Let's go:

- I try to write good reviews to help people improve their flashes which is kind of important for a site like Newgrounds I guess. :3

- I try to get The Pirate Collab in the "Flash Portal History '08" collection so GO (!) and recommend it! :D

- I'm thinking of an idea for a new collab. I really feel like organising a new collab but I just don't have any inspiration! D: So, if you could give me some inspiration, SHOUT IT!

That's all I gues...
Oh, and if you want me to write a review on one of your submission, just comment. :3


PS: random pick of me climbing the Mont Ventoux :D

Random shitieshit! :D

Posted by Bertn - September 17th, 2008

Yeah, that's right, here's a newspost about my collab:

We already have some great authors,
The collab is going kind of slow but I'll make sure it will be finished, it will be great and it will win prices. ;D

So, I'm pretty sure this collab will 'rock'! Yea, rock ;D


Also, there are still some spots open, if you're a good animator and have time, be free to join this collab and become FAMOUS<3

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/95 9709


Posted by Bertn - July 13th, 2008

Yea, that's right. :3 Bertn is still alive and has a new collab idea. ^_^

I want to keep it secret until I release the collab so nobody can steal my idea but I can tell you one thing, it's awesome. :D

Some hints:

There will only be 9 parts, like in the pirate collab. (:

Why only 9? D:

So everyone can get COauthoring. :3 BUT, only the best parts are allowed, they have to be PERFECT! :D

It will be released in 5 weeks.

Why do we have to wait a freakin' 5 weeks? D:

Because I'm on holiday and camp and I want to run the collab for the full 100%. I'll release it from the moment I'm back. :3


I hope this collab will have the same success like 'the Pirate Collab' (Daily 2nd and Front page. :3) and there will be enough people want to join. :D

That's all I guess, I hope to see you soon! ;D

Posted by Bertn - June 30th, 2008

EDIT: Yeehaa, front page. :3

Yea, finally, after a lot of work the pirate collab is out. :3 It has a lot of success but the score is going down fast.

Anyway, we got a daily second and I'm very proud to everyone! (: The success of this collab is not only because of me but also because of the great team work of the great animators! :3

Maybe I'll make another collab in a while (Not a "Ninja Collab" or a "Pirate Collab 2") but for now, I'll take a small break. :D

That's all for now, also, here's the linky linky:






Posted by Bertn - January 30th, 2008

The Pirate Collab has some more part open so where are you waiting for matey, come and join the club ^_^
The deadline is the 1st of june so you still have plenty of time ;D

See ya there



EDIT: we even have our own SIG now! ^_^ Thanks to StickyWicky for making it :3

Pirate Collab's searching for recruits !

Posted by Bertn - December 6th, 2007

The second screen shot guys! ^^
We only have 2 frames yet but the first frames always take the most time! :D
If you have tips, please give them :)

PS: This will be the last screenshot you get! ;-)

Here's number 2! :D

New movie in make 2

Posted by Bertn - December 1st, 2007

Me and my friend Zerobeam are making a new movie!! :D
It's called "Starcraft: Oh My God!".

Here's the first screenshot! xD

New movie in make! ^^