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Entry #9

Random shitieshit! :D

2009-01-14 11:59:41 by Bertn

Yeah, just a random post because I'm bored. (:

Maybe I could put here what I'm doing right now for Newgrounds...

Let's go:

- I try to write good reviews to help people improve their flashes which is kind of important for a site like Newgrounds I guess. :3

- I try to get The Pirate Collab in the "Flash Portal History '08" collection so GO (!) and recommend it! :D

- I'm thinking of an idea for a new collab. I really feel like organising a new collab but I just don't have any inspiration! D: So, if you could give me some inspiration, SHOUT IT!

That's all I gues...
Oh, and if you want me to write a review on one of your submission, just comment. :3


PS: random pick of me climbing the Mont Ventoux :D

Random shitieshit! :D


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2009-01-14 12:04:40

The Vegan Collab

Bertn responds:

I'm a vegan! :D
But what the hell can you animate about that?


2009-01-14 12:50:23

A war between vegetables and meat? xD

Bertn responds:

Sounds nice :D
But not for a collab, maybe a solo submission? ö


2009-01-14 13:00:38

Karma sutra collab now!

Bertn responds:

Strange, Simple-Line said just the same. ;p


2009-01-14 13:06:18

I've climbed the mont ventoux too, but in summer. The view is amazing and really gives you a great feeling of achievement, huh? :)

Bertn responds:

I also climbed it in the summer, and yeah, it's really great! You really have the feeling that you just climed such an amazing famous mountain, it's great! :D


2009-01-14 13:42:59


Bertn responds:

Raaaawwrrr, Marky, you make me so HORNY D:


2009-01-14 15:45:52

u fool! i am simple-line, i just dont remember password and shi

Bertn responds:

Haha, lol,
well Catmel, I'm sorry, Simple-Line,
why don't you try and find it back? ö


2009-01-14 15:48:57

I gummy bear collab.

But it be better with stop motion, are you up for a challenge?

Bertn responds:



2009-01-14 17:29:40

you said random 3 times in this post
i don't think you really understand what random means

Bertn responds:

And it looks like you have some awesome noob stats! :D


2009-01-14 20:21:38

You should make a collab where everyone creates their own creepy monster and then animates it so that it would end up something like that LARVAE movie. That would be cool.

Bertn responds:

Sounds awesome, I'll think about this,
if I work it out a little this could be awesome.

"The Monster Collab"


2009-01-19 08:38:55

cuz it takes effort

making a new account is way faster

Bertn responds:

But you lose all your stats and stuff ö


2009-01-19 16:28:39

:D i dont care about stats on newgrounds

im on campnorth :3

and i dont like my flashes on simple line


2009-02-11 10:49:41

i don't have any inspiration for your collab, but i know 1 thing:
if your reading this, you're wasting some real importent time for reaching lvl99 pray at rs, haha!
PS: i've done the mont ventoux to!!! :p


2009-02-13 13:54:39

Hey, Censorship Day's coming!


2009-03-03 04:16:47

Pirates rule, and this photo's kool!


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