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Nice! :D

Nice intro, Uber good animation and good voices. The graphics are close to perfect. I've seen you worked a year on this and it's realy good! ^^
Good work and keep it up :D

Love it! :D

Very good movie! :) Good drawings, funny randomness and lovely music! ^^ The background fit perfectly and it's just wonderful, good job guys! :D


OMG! Mr Mime is my favorit pokémon ^^ I love you're series btw, they are very original and funny! ^^

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:



Funny song and good animation! ^^ The drawings are very funny but maybe give them clothes or something to make them more look like real characters! But you're a very good animator with nice ideas so, 8/10 for you! :D

HAHA! ^^

This movie if funny! :) I enjoyed watching it and maybe I add you to favorites xD (Ok, not :P)
But you're a very good animator and you have very good idea's! :D
Good luck in the future!

Uber good! ^^

I loved this movie. For me, it's even better then TANKMAN itself! xD I just don't know how you guys make such a things. The drawings are PERFECT, the animation is close to perfect and the voices... They are wonderful! :D Congrats to you man, this is the best movie I've ever seen. :)

danomano65 responds:

I appreciate that.


Why does this movie has such a low score?
I realy like it and it's fun! :D
Good drawings, Good Graphics and good voices.
There's no point for this Flash but wathever, I like it! ^^

Ari-Productions responds:

Thank you so much for this review. I really enjoyed reading it. It was worth far more than any score I could have had. You helped keep me motivated to create another one, thank you very much Bertn.


What do you mean whit: TwelveTwentyFour2006?


First I wonna say to Nick: "You are OMFG g00d! But when are going to make the latest version? I and my friend are already waiting more then 1 year for it! So please: Make it!!!"
And now the evaluation:

-Graphics: Very butiful drawings and good animations. Nothing special to say about... 10/10!

-Style: This is full my style! When your characters are standing still they are moving a little bit... How do you do that? Its like you are drawing the same thing over again but I don't think it is so. So if the next reviewer now it: Please say it! Also a 10/10!

-Sound: Funny music and funny voices. Very good! Again 10/10

-Violence: It's a humor movie so it's not necessary that there is much violence but there is a little bit violence so I have given an 8/10 for it.

-Interactivity: Except the play button there is not Interactivity. So I just have given a 2/10. Sorry...

-Humor: Your movies have the best humor of whole Newgrounds! Super! So again a 10/10

-Overall: A 9, but that’s only because there is no Interactivity... It’s a movie and not a game so... Normal I had to give a 10/10 But I didn't because there are better movies on the portal. Sorry again.


Not so good like your other SpAm movies! =(

*Ik ben nederlands '-_-*

And now the real review:
This is not realy a good submission... 'Adolf Hitler In Around The World In 80 Days' is better... In this submission there is not much to see... And who is Woordrow?
-Graphics: A 2 for graphics because wenh it started it where verry good graphics but at the end... That two pics are not realy good graphics... So because of that I have gave a 2.
-Style: Normal I like the SpAm style but this SpAm is not funny so it is realy boring...
-Sound: Verry good! It is the only good thing at this flash but it is verry good! Maybe you have used it a litle to much. (In each submision you post '-_-) But it is realy good so...
-Violence: A 5 because hitler is THE violence himself! I hate Hitler but in submisions like this (whee you lauch him aut =p) it is verry funny!
-Interactivity: There is not much to say about the interactivity, THERE IS NO! But I have have a 1 because there is a START/PLAY Button =p
-Humor: Normal you humor is verry good but because I dont now who Woodrow is I'm not lauching about this. '-_- Not funny enouch for me!


AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Woodrow Wilson was an American president.

NEWGROUNDS SUCKS ASS! or wait... naah, it's awesome! :D

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