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***Rofl***This one is the same like the previos one so I dont have to say much about it because I have reviewd the furst one before... I'm going to review the other's to... So I have much work to do =p


AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

k :/

This is F*cking good!

I dont believe that this submision is treu the portal! It's so n00bish that it is cool again! =p
I realy like SpAm movies like thease because it is wonderful how that SpAm movies always go treu the postal... If you respond this review, can you please say to me how it comes that the SpAm movies from you always go treu the portal?
And now the summing up:

-Graphics: I have gave a 7 for grapphics because the begining is verry good but Adolf Hitler is in bad graphics... =p

-Style: A 10 for style because I like the stile that the most SpAmErS use. It is the same like the one you use.

-Sound: A 10 for sound because it is verry good music in the begining and at the latest fase it is verry funny =p

-Violence: Only a 5 for violence because the only violence is F*cking Adolf Hitler himself.

-Interactivity: A 1 for activity... It is not a game so. (I have gave a 1 because you have a start button =D)

-Humor: A 9 for humor because it is verry funny how you came at the idea to set Adolf Hitler in a 'Holyday' around the world in 80 day's. =p


AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Try typing properly. It's difficult to read.

I'm a humen with Noodles On my Back! =p

This is a super submission! I love noodles and I love Hippo's so this is realy a song for me! =p I have give it a 9 for graphics because wenh you zoom in into the plants at the background you can see the pixels... But the hipo and the other animals are verry good! I gave a 10 for style because I love Flash with butifull music... And yes, the music is verry good! For me it is better than The Ultimate Showdown! A 5 for violence because there is not much violence. A 0 for interactivity because it is not a game and there are no secrets in it. A 10 for humor, and you now wy! =p


NEWGROUNDS SUCKS ASS! or wait... naah, it's awesome! :D

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